Luka and Carley's book is the kind of book that is destined to be the most food stained and dog earred book in your home. I can't think of a more approachable, clear yet comprehensive roadmap for parents than this.

Jordan Pie, Qualified Nutritionist & GAPS Practitioner

This guide has helped to make my children’s transition from breast to food one of calmness and simplicity. I feel informed and confident as a mother and my babies are thriving. 

Bianca (mother of 2)

This is a must have in any new mumma's home, and it will quickly become your food bible. Introducing foods to your little one can be daunting, scary, make you question yourself and whether you're nourishing your child enough. This takes all of those fears away. My clients are going to love this, having it all in one and ready to go ahead with introducing foods with confidence!

Sheridan Austin, Nutritionist & Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner