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Hi, my name is Luka. I am a registered nurse, a registered midwife and a CAPEA endorsed birth and parenting educator, as well as a certified nutrition consultant specialising in postpartum and babies. I am also a mother to three beautiful children, Flynn, Florence and Will.

When my older children were 4 months old (3 years apart), I was recommended they begin solids. I knew that the current recommendations were to begin at 6 months, and I felt a little let down that my health nurse was giving outdated information for both of my kids, 3 years apart. I was also recommended they start on rice cereal and rusks at this point, but when I looked at the ingredients in those packaged foods, I couldn’t bring myself to start their solid journeys with that. I went to a baby nutrition course, read a lot of books/literature and my whole philosophy on first foods was transformed. My aim then (and still is now) was that the foods I offered needed to be JAM­PACKED with nutrients to meet their nutritional needs.

I started @boobtofood on lnstagram, so that I could help provide EVIDENCE-based information to mothers and fathers who are just starving to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it, through a sea of heavily advertised/paid and influenced ‘advice’.

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Hello! I’m Carley Mendes, holistic nutritionist, childbirth educator, and founder of Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition. Most importantly, l’m the mother of two sweet little loves.

My path to nourishing mothers and babies began 15 years ago when I decided to become a nutritionist and pursue my passion for nourishing pregnancy. While my education provided me with a thorough understanding of how to nutritionally support general health, it was sorely lacking in the nutrition necessary to properly support women during this transformative time in their lives. I became dedicated to gathering experiential knowledge, pouring over modern research, working with mentors and soaking up wisdom.

The information I’d acquired was truly eye-opening, and starkly different than the conventional nutrition information being offered – especially in how we feed our babies! I was desperate to share what I’d learned and immediately saw that the benefits of proper nutrition for mother and child had the powerful potential to be life changing, so I went on to found Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition. This school has grown into an international platform that allows women to share vital information around nutrition and health. By empowering individuals with this knowledge, we can help transform the future of generations of children.

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