Production & Transparency

Thank you for taking an interest into how our beautiful book has been made, it is so important to know where the products you invest in are created.

Our book is a higher price point than a book you will find in K-mart or Amazon, and for some important reasons:

  1. Milk to Meals is completely made and produced in Australia. It is much cheaper to print the book overseas in Asia, however it was very important to me (Luka) to support my own country, especially in these hard economic times thanks to COVID. I also could not travel to Asia to see first hand how the book was produced and how the staff were treated, thus could not in my conscience invest in a company that could possibly be contributing to slave labour. However, this comes at a much higher price point per book, and a decision that I hope you will support me with :)

    Milk to Meals has been printed by McPhersons Printing who are based in Victoria. They have a strong vision for 'going green' using paper from well managed forests (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Program for Endorsement of Forestry Certification), non-toxic mineral based inks and the most economical design options to reduce waste.

  2. Milk to Meals is being printed to order, which means a bit of a wait for your product if you have preordered, but also means that 1000's of books are not contributing to landfill.

  3. We have tried to use small business at every step of the way for this book, so that they are supported! This includes (but very much not limited to) local photographers, Alicja Sieronski a mother of twins who photographed all the food from her home in the UK and Steph from St. Clement Creative for the graphic design and bringing the book to life!

  4. I (Luka) decided against 'drop shipping' which is where the book is delivered straight from the printer to your door. It would have been the easier option, however I could not check each book's quality and be assured that it is worth your investment. For this reason the books will be shipped to my home where I will pack and ship to you in the most sustainable way possible, through compostable packaging and using Sendle (Australia based) which have 100% carbon neutral delivery.
Thank you for investing in this book, and supporting all of the artisans that made this project possible!
Please let me know if I can help you with any further information.

Luka and Carley x